About Us

Jieruicc is a creative, professional, and enthusiastic manufacturer which has rich experience in designing, producing Thin Client, Zero Client . The objectives of Jieruicc are to provide sustainable, high-quality products at reasonable prices and environmental friendly products as well as comprehensive solutions.

Through stringent design process and quality control system, Jieruicc delivers high quality products to customers.


The Jieruicc mission is to provide sustainable, high-quality products at reasonable prices, respecting and preserving the environment, and creating an opportunity for a majority number of people to obtain access to technology.


Jieruicc’s intentions are to become a worldwide reference as a sustainable, cost-effective solution developer. We work with a team of qualified and committed experts creating innovative and quality products. We develop high-performance solutions and pursue transparency in our relationship with customers and partners.

Today, the Jieruicc team is the reference to thin clients, zero client Many other cost-effective products added to the company’s portfolio.

Our solutions enable any organization to have the best-in-class technology at unmatched value for money.


Consistent delivery of the highest quality products is Jieruicc’s promise to customers. Achieving the highest quality is the foundation of our corporate policy.